Where all great masterpiece's are created...

Wood essentially is a natural hygienic product, the enzymes present in tree's remain in the wood for years. Making it the best option for kitchen boards, utensils etc...

All of our kitchen range products are made from wood, whether it be Beech, Cherry or other Fruits and Nuts. The majority is Beech based, for many reasons such as its small pores and tight grain, it also has a great 'hardness' which reduces scoring on the cutting surfaces and absorption of liquid and dirt into the surface. 

Beech Wood is self-healing and a tactile substance with a fantastic finish that unfortunately the photo's might not quite do justice of we invite you to ring for samples of try for yourselves ! 

Cherry Wood Range

Taking a bolder step and adding colour into your utensil range, these bespoke items are a must have on your kitchen surface. 
Practical in usage with a truly beautiful 
finish, these utensils will leave your dinner guests talking for weeks.


A range of carefully designed and handcrafted boards to compliment any occasion. 

From vegetable inspired to heart designed this fabulous range is here to cater for all your culinary needs. Why not spice up you're serving style and use tapas inspired paddle and pizza boards ...

Bowls, Utensils,Dishes

Offering a wide selection of irreplaceable bowls and serving dishes alongside all the necessary kitchen utensils.

Salad servers, bbq tongs, egg cups, rolling pins - you name it, its sat waiting for you in this section. Along with our well recognised bowls, butter dishes and cheese dishes.