Everyone deserves some 'me' time now and again, this range is designed with relaxation and healing in mind. Carefully handpicked items all with a stunning finish.

Providing everything you need for home massage, extravagant baths and of course devices to ensure you have everything you need in your bathroom.


After a long stressful day, relaxing in a warm bubble filled bath is a must.

With a sparse range of luxurious bath bombs and handmade soaps we are hoping to enhance your relaxation experience. Newly added loofah soaps have all the benefits of natural soaps but with an added natural exfoliant


Whether you are looking to treat your skin or manipulate those problem areas this range has everything for your needs. 

Devices created with ease of use and in a variety of sizes, providing release of pressure in the feet, rippling of tissue on the back and an all over tension release...