Love your garden... 

Welcoming a new range to the Wood'n it be nice brand, from gardening apparatus, to coloured twinning. Have a browse through our garden section for present ideas for the 'green fingers' of the family. Our items are sure to see you spending more quality time in your gardens... why not get the little one's helping too !

Making your garden a second home.

Providing you with the best quality handcrafted wooden gardening tools.

Traditional tools to help with planting of seeds and flowers and assistance in growing and maintaining. 

With bespoke hammers and trugs, ensuring ease in you're gardening regime.  


Natural Wooden Products


Covering a base of well recognised family sports, from garden croquet to skittles ! 

For those long summer nights and busy weekends, our garden range provides the basis to have a great fun filled day. Not to mention the personalised colour themes offered... !